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Once at the Hangar Theatre
by Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova and Enda Walsh


Once at the Hangar Theatre (2021)


Once at the Hangar Theatre (2021)

"The Hangar’s current production of the musical Once dances on the air as if it arose from the land itself (acknowledged before the curtain as Gayogo̱hó:nǫ’ (Cayuga) land). A summer mist, dotted with fireflies, a whisper of melody, a drone of harmony, the wash of desire, loneliness, hope and a climbing, irrepressible joy."
"Director Shirley Serotsky clearly savors the lightness in Once, which is a fine choice for the small outdoor stage behind the Hangar’s indoor theater. The action moves swiftly across the stage on which the only set is a series of upstage structures resembling iron gates. As night falls, a large tree bathed in theatrical light directly behind the stage adds warmth to the space...the sounds of nature and noisy car mufflers just remind us that we live in a world which, in spite of rumors to the contrary, is still very much alive."
- The Syracuse Post-Standard

"There’s so much music to enjoy--Guy’s solos and stirring full-cast numbers, everyone onstage playing--as well as swarming and jigging (choreography by Fatima Sowe; costumes by Debra Kim Sivigny)...[while] the realities of life choices catch up with Guy and Girl, the music--'raise your hopeful voice'--prevails."
- Ithaca Times


Once at the Hangar Theatre (2021)

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